How to Permanently Get Rid of Woodpeckers


Woodpeckers are the species of birds belonging to the family of Picidae. They don't actually eat the wood; all they do is make holes in the wooden substances with the help of their sharp, strong and sturdy beak to take insects out of them. Like other birds, they are also insects, pests and termites eaters and could be found commonly among many regions around the globe. Other than just looking for food and making their homes, woodpeckers drum their beaks on wood for one more reason and that is communication, they communicate with their fellow birds through pecking on wooden masses. These birds can be the reason for your stress because of their beaks which they use to create a mess out of your wooden structures. Along with being irritating at times the same as all other animals, damaging the wood is their additional feature.

Getting rid of woodpeckers

Because of their presence in a large number, it would be very difficult to get rid of them. But it could be made possible by following several measures properly;

Removing their source of food

The main meal of woodpeckers is insects; they peck into the wood to search for their food that is insects. You should have insect-killing sprays with you and should keep using them frequently all-around your house to kill the insects, and when there will be no insects the woodpeckers will also not approach there.

Covering your house with net or other sheets

As the woodpeckers only dig into the wooden objects, you should have your houses covered thoroughly by nets or the sheets made up of other materials so that they will not head towards them.

Killing them

Some people use poisonous objects or shooting guns to kill the woodpeckers in order to get rid of them, although it is illegal but it works. But again it would work for just once, next time you would have to do the same illegal action.

Proper placement of feeders

The suet feeders are the ones made up of fat; they are effectively used as the food container of several birds. If you install these feeders at the right place distant from your house, then the woodpeckers will stay limited to those feeders and wouldn’t try to approach your houses.

Installing sound-producing objects

These birds peck their beaks on the wood to produce a sound by which they feel a state of peace. If you will install some other sound producing object that will produce some other sound, then these birds will get distracted and move away from your homes as they don’t like any high frequency sound other than their owns’.

Wrap up

Woodpeckers are often regarded as the symbol of peace as they produce peaceful sounds by their beaks. But they can create a big problem for wooden objects as they dig in the wood. To keep your wooden substances, various earlier mentioned measures should be followed to keep them away.

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